My Five Harlem Favorites

As you've probably noticed, today I'm featuring travel on my site. We'll show you everything from food getaways to food festivals in different parts of the country. Sometimes, traveling far can be outside of our budgets. In those times, I suggest looking at destinations that are close to home or even in your own neighborhood, or stay-cations. When I first opened my restaurant Red Rooster, I wanted it to be a destination restaurant that would drive people from other parts to Harlem just to eat here. I've lived in Harlem for seven years now and I consider it a privilege to be part of such a vibrant community with such a diverse public. Red Rooster is built on a legacy of a restaurant that once was the heart of the community and I hope this Red Rooster can become that as well.

I love Harlem and I often get asked what my favorite places in Harlem are. So here's a list of my five favorite Harlem spots:

1) B.O.R.N Vintage shop on 125th St is a great place to find some unique threads.

2) Seville Lounge is definitely a hot spot to get a drink with friends. This bar reminds me of what Old Harlem was all about.

3) Rucker Park is famous in Harlem for a great place to shoot hoops. The documentary The Real: Rucker Park Legend goes in depth on the history of this historical park in Harlem.

4) The Studio Museum in Harlem is my favorite museum to go to and learn about new artists and it is renowned for its exhibits of artwork from artists of African descent.

5) Another great antique store that I frequent is Scotty's Antique Shop. You can find unique vintage furniture there that you can't find anywhere else.

So whether you go off to some remote location or stay home and check out your community, I encourage you to go out this weekend and enjoy something different.

What are your weekend plans?