My Five Favorites

With everything from a visit from kids from the Children's Storefront to cooking on ABC's The Chew, I've had such an amazing week so far and I just had to share with you my current five favorites.

My #1 favorite this week has got to be the gift I received from the Harlem's Children's Storefront! Miss Larson's 3rd grade class from the Storefront stopped by for an art tour of Philip Maysle's collection hanging at Red Rooster and a cooking demo. The kids were so grateful to be invited that they brought me some freshly picked green beans from their garden. It was a great gift and to show my appreciation, I pickled the green beans and are now up on display at Red Rooster.

We got our Red Rooster T-shirts in! I'm excited to share with you all our new Red Rooster T-Shirts. I wanted the T-shirts to really represent Red Rooster and Harlem so immediately we knew they had to reflect a multicultural design. Check out their design here and stop by Red Rooster Harlem to pick one up!

I recently returned from Barbados where I had the chance to participate in the Food, Wine, and Rum Festival. I fell in love with a Fish Burger stand in Barbados called "Cuz." What was great about it was that the cook prepared these fish sandwiches smothered with cheese and on bread that you imagined wouldn't even taste good but he surprised you by making it work. That's the beauty of street food because those fish burgers were amazing!

I loved cooking with Jeff Zakarian on Tuesday for the UNICEF Snowflake Ball. This year he was my co-chef in designing the Ball's menu and I was so happy to have him aboard. The event turned out beautifully and we were able to raise $66,000 through the food alone food. Thanks for cooking with me Chef, you did an awesome job and I'm very proud you joined me in helping out UNICEF.

Yesterday, I got to cook with Michael Symon and Mario Batali on ABC's The Chew! The episode aired today and I had so much fun cooking with them and talking about my Next Iron Chef experience. I shared with them my grandmother's famous Swedish Meatballs recipe. Check out the recipe here and check out my clip at The Chew's website here.

All of these great events have gotten me excited for the holidays that are coming fast!

What are you looking forward to now?

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