My Five Favorites

I often get asked what my current likes and fascinations are. So here's a look at some of my five favorite things right now:

5) Chef George Mendes's Warm Bread Salad, Acorda, that he served at the Red Rooster when we recently hosted CNN Eatocracy's Secret Supper.

4) Edun Pants and their Men's Summer Collection.

3) August's Chef Jordan Frosolone's Potato Gnocchi.

2) Rupert Murdoch's Wife's Fighting Skills! Did you see how she leapt to her husband's defense against a pie attacker?

1) My number one favorite right now has to be Curried Chitlins'! We served some on Monday at the Red Rooster for our inaugural "Chicken and Champagne" night.

Check back later on for some more of my favorites.

What are your favorites for the moment?