My Five Favorite Kitchen Tools for the Summer

Everyone looks forward to the warm weather when we get to enjoy those treasured summertime picnics and BBQs. With that said, there are some great kitchen tools that I like to have around during this time to help with my go-to summer dishes. Here's a list of my must-have summertime kitchen gear:

1) Small Grill: BBQs are definitely traditions for almost everyone and a small grill can come in handy. A small portable grill can be taken with you to the beach, park, or campsite. So instead of going to the BBQ, take the BBQ with you!

2) Corn Slicer: Sweet corn is a wonderful veggie that is in season during the summer. But if you want to use that roasted corn in a dish without the core, a corn slicer is just the tool. There's no need to waste any of the kernels if you have a corn slicer.

3) Steamer: Everyone prefers to eat a little lighter during the summer. The hot weather makes us crave lighter proteins with more acidity. A steamer is the perfect tool to help you prepare lighter dishes by steaming your vegetables, fish, and even small bites like dumplings.

4) Lobster Cracker: Lobster is also very much in season and if you enjoy this crustacean as much as I do, a lobster cracker will come much in handy. Crackers can also be used on crabs and nuts as well, so when the seafood isn't in season anymore, it'll still have other uses.

5) Paella Pan: Paella is a wonderful Spanish seafood and rice dish that is great to prepare in the summer when so much seafood is available. A paella pan is a lot wider and shallower than most pans and its width allows for all of the rice to cook properly, since it is always made in larger quantities. When making good paella, a proper pan is certainly a must!

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools?