My Five Favorite Foods This Summer

As summer is coming to an end, as when any season finishes, I start to recall the things that made this time most memorable for me. As you know, I traveled in Europe this summer as well and did many local events throughout New York and each one had its special moments that will stick with me. Of course, food always helps to remind us of certain times and events, and this summer was no different. Here's a list of my five favorite foods for the summer.

  1. Maya Angelou's cassoulet! A few weeks ago I paid a visit to Maya Angelou's house and she served us a grand meal. Her cassoulet was phenomenal and contained black eyed peas, duck, pulled chicken and sausage. Good job Maya! It was to die for!
  2. Funny enough, I ran into a lot of Caribbean Chinese food throughout Europe, like the brown beans and chicken Suriname-Chinese style street food I found in Amsterdam. I always love this combination of food and finding it on the streets of Europe was a plus!
  3. Austrian Riesling and a Charcuterie plate are a classic European dish and drink, which I encountered many times in Europe. The refreshing Riesling is the perfect pair to a light charcuterie plate and makes for a great summer combo.
  4. You can't visit London without trying fish and chips with vinegar and tartar sauce. Great Britain is known worldwide for their fish and chips and its no wonder as to why.
  5. Finally, Crayfish or mudwalkers as they're known in New Orleans, have been on the top of my list this summer. Well into the crayfish season, I kicked it off at Red Rooster with a classic Swedish Crayfish Party. These succulent crustaceans have great flavor and I look forward to the summer every year when they become available.

So what are your favorite summer foods?