My Five Fall Favorites

It's been awhile since I talked about my five favorites for the moment. This summer was epic with all the events that I and Red Rooster participated in. I had a blast, but now back to work for our busy Fall schedule. One thing is for sure, that cool happenings never take a break in Harlem and New York City in general. Here a quick list of my current five favorites for Fall:

-          Common's new book, "One Day It'll All Make Sense": I'm a big fan of Common and his new book, a memoir that draws its name from his 1997 album One Day It'll All Make Sense, is very honest and transparency is a refreshing thing to see now a days.

-          Hugh Masekela's album "Hugh Masekela Presents the Chisa Years 19965-1975": Hugh Masekela is a renowned South African trumpeter and singer. His 2006 Rare and Unreleased album is one of my favorites to listen to right now.

-          Kuti's Restaurant in Harlem: For another taste of African, check out Kuti's in Harlem for an inexpensive African-flavored fare. It's located at 355 West 116th Street and one of my favorites!

-          Teju Cole's book "Open City": Now hanging on Red Rooster's Wall, Open City is a novel comprised of multiracial themed stories and is a great reflection of all the cultures in New York City.

-          Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe: For great place where you can probably find all of the books and media I just mentioned, you should definitely check out Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe in Harlem.  Hue-Man's has become one the largest and best-known African-American bookstore and it proudly lies right in the heart of Harlem. Definitely check it out!

What are your current five favorites?