Moses' Top 3 Cocktails in NYC To Try Now

We're always hitting up our amazing mixologist Moses at Red Rooster for cocktail suggestions and all-around booze tips. We recently asked for his pick of favorite cocktails available right now in New York City.

So if you're looking for inspiration or ideas on what to serve up for the upcoming holidays, here are three cocktails that will make you the mix master of whatever party you're hosting this year. Or better yet, just head to these places and try them out for yourself!

1) The White Negroni at Fatty 'Cue in the West Village: Moses is a big fan of Negroni's, and this White Negroni at Fatty 'Cue is great one since it uses unconventional ingredients by using Cocchi Americano, Perucchi Bianco, cynar, and fennel bitters.

2) The New York Sour at Employees Only: This unique "sour" cocktail might appear simple with its casual ingredients, but with just the right proportion they melt together for one of Moses' favorite drinks! The NY Sour included red wine, rye whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a splash of club soda.

3) The Mistletoe at Red Rooster Harlem: Moses had to give props to another of Red Rooster's mixologists, Lonn Coupel-Coward who created a special holiday cocktail just a few days ago. This festive Champagne cocktail has three simple ingredients that can be substituted for that New Year's Eve Champagne toast. The Mistletoe consists of Champagne, a splash of cinnamon-infused bourbon (drop some cinnamon sticks into an air sealed jar of bourbon for a couple weeks), and a sugar cube dropped into the bottom of the flute.

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