Michelle Obama America's New Nutrition Champion

By MarcusSamuelsson.com Editors

Michelle Obama is quickly becoming America's new nutrition champion-following her conversion of Wal-Mart to healthier products and attempt to simplify nutrition labels, the first lady is working to improve nutrition in restaurants. In their article "Restaurant Nutrition Draws Focus of First Lady," Sheryl Stolberg and William Neuman discuss Mrs. Obama's restaurant related objectives.

Working with the National Restaurant Association, Mrs. Obama and her advisers have been pushing restaurants to decrease portion size and make children's meals healthier. While talks remain in preliminary stages, this new move occurs along with heightened publicity for her "Let's Move!" program targeting childhood obesity.

Although Mrs. Obama still has considerable work ahead of her, her successes with healthy school lunches and Wal-Mart bode well for her restaurant efforts. Hopefully, in the future American restaurants will offer healthier options. Read the full article here.