Melting-Pot Muse in "Edible Manhattan"

This month, I was Edible Manhattan's featured "Tastemaker." It was so much fun talking to their team at my favorite Harlem hangout, Patisserie Des Ambassades. From Harlem to Chinatown to Hell's Kitchen, my experience in New York has been fascinatingly colorful and diverse, and I try to communicate this in my cooking. The Manhattan food world is such a delicious mix of flavors, and truly sums up what "New American" cooking is all about. Thanks so much to the Edible Manhattan team for taking the time to talk with me, and for the great photo. Check out the article for more of my Manhattan inspirations, plus try out my recipe for trout pierogies and enter to win a copy of "New American Table." Hungry yet? Take a bite out of that yummy bagel with lox on the cover!

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