Mei Li Wah In Chinatown

Weekly Dish Recommenation By Jason Bell

On lazy afternoons, I like to wander around Chinatown and explore its seemingly infinite tea shops, dumpling houses, and bakeries. I particularly enjoy Mei Li Wah, a tiny bakery secreted away on Bayard Street. Although they prepare a passable pork bun, their egg custard buns are especially wonderful.

Delicate spheres of dough, Mei Li Wah's egg custard buns look like roughly polished marble. Big enough for only two bites, the buns ooze a sweet, eggy custard. Appropriate fare for the strongest sweet teeth, these buns provide enough fortification to extend walking tours for hours.

Chinatown plays host to dozens of bakeries, and New York natives will each cite a different favorite. For egg custard buns, however, Mei Li Wah can't be beat.