Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski- Kangaroo for Dinner?

A friend recently told me that there are two restaurants in New York City that serve kangaroo.  "I really want to try it," she said.  "I wonder what impact that meal will have on the environment," I replied.  She brushed off the comment and told me more about the one restaurant that she planned on trying the kangaroo at.  Though I didn't stop thinking about what I had said.  Here was my train of thought.  Assuming that the kangaroo meat was shipped to New York from Australia, that's a ten thousand mile refrigerated journey.  Most of the beef in this country comes from Texas which is about fifteen hundred miles from New York.  So, on a journey that is about seven times as long, is the carbon footprint of the kangaroo about seven times as large as the footprint of the cow from Texas?  I'm not sure. But here is something that I am sure of.  The environmental benefits of cutting meat out of your diet - even if for only one day - are clear cut.  The production of your meatless meals will leave less of a carbon footprint and consume less water and fossil fuel than would the production of a standard meat meal.  Now try comparing that to a kangaroo meal!

And if you have already made the choice to go meatless on Mondays then I invite you to take it a step further.  Try only eating local fruits and vegetables at your Monday meals.  What you find at the farmer's market is always local and if you do a little research you can find out what is locally produced and sold at your grocery store as well.  It's a practice that is good for the environment and for your peace of mind as well.