Meat-Free Protein Packed Foods That Are Easy To Grab And Go!

Vegetarian Column By Marcus Samuelsson

As a vegetarian, finding good sources of protein when you're on the go or just need a quick snack can seem like an obstacle. Fortunately, protein is found in a lot of delicious, tasty, meat-free foods that are easy to grab and go!

Almonds and almond butter are also a great way to get a protein fix. Mix almonds into a trail mix, throw them into your granola, or just eat them plain, they're delicious! Almond butter is delicious on toast, bagels, and even as an ingredient in salad dressings. Almond products are a delicious way to sneak protein in to your diet.

One surprising protein-packed treat is Greek yogurt. The way that this type of yogurt is processed (or rather, less processed) allows for more fats and nutrients to stay in the final product. Regular yogurts can be high in chemicals, hormones, and sugars and don't have the same protein content. Many grocery stores even sell these in individual serving sizes! Try greek yogurt with a dollop of honey and a spoonful of that protein-packed almond butter for a filling breakfast, or fold into stew for a creamy yet healthy alternative to sour cream.

Lastly, organic eggs are a fantastic way to get protein. When eggs are gathered from healthy, happy hens, they contain all the nutrients that would make it possible for a chick to survive during incubation. All that can be yours! Eggs can be fried and put on top of just about anything - salads are one of my favorites. You can also drop egg into broth-based soups and cook it in or hard-boil eggs to make egg salad.

Any one of these foods is a simple and tasty way to get more protein in even when you've got little time!