Maynards Turns Your Face Into Candy

Ever heard, "Your face is cute enough to eat"? Well soon you'll actually be able to eat your face, not in a weird cannibal type way, but through a new concept candy created by Maynards Candy Company. The new concept at Maynards Canada, is to have its customers 'turn into' candy. Jessica Sheth, Brand Manager for Maynards Canada states on "Maynards fans are an extremely passionate bunch when it comes to expressing their love for their favorite candy. So we thought hey, why not let a Maynards fan actually be a Maynards?" Fans can participate in a new contest by the candy company that will enable them to make a sweet edible version of their face.

Always wanted to have your face immortalized on candy? Well here's your chance! Contestants are able to upload their photograph on the Maynards Canada Facebook page and then transform their face into whichever tasty treat they like best. When the photograph is uploaded, you are able to distort it as much as you like by changing the contrast and brightness to meet your bubbly, candy-like attitude, and provide a short statement as to why you think you should be the face of Maynards Canada. There will be a random draw on October 24th and the Facebook page is open until September 30th. Of course Maynards and Kraft wouldn't just put your face on the candy, but the winner will also receive a prize valued at $5,000 CAD which includes a trip for two to Toronto for a photo shoot, a tour of the Maynards factory, and a year's supply of Maynards candy.

If you love opening a pack of Sour Patch Kids, Fuzzy Peach, Sour Cherry Blasters or Swedish Berries then here is the perfect way to show your love and devotion for the tasty candies. So get your sweet tooth ready because the competition is on!

Photos: Maynards Canada