Mathias Dahlgren - 5 Cooking Philosophies from this Amazing Swedish Chef

Swedish Chef Mathias Dahlgren is in a class of his own when it comes to cooking. Dahlgren won the uber-prestigious Bocuse d'Or culinary competition in 1997, and since has opened the two Michelin-starred Matsalen and Matbaren in the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

A leader of the new Nordic cuisine movement, Dahlgren is a leader in his field and poignantly philosophical when talking about his cooking. Here are 5 great take-aways from his recent demonstration at the Institute of Culinary Education.

* The most essential thing about cooking is the produce, the raw ingredient. * Copying others' cooking isn't bad, it's a way to learn and become accepted in the culinary community. * Cooking requires a dialogue between chefs and producers. * Try not to look at ingredients as before but through a child's eye. Think: What can this be? What can I use this for? * Try to be open when cooking, follow the process of the produce - each food is unique.

The lucky attendees of Dahlgren's demo got to see his creative thinking in practice. An iced tea was not simply a beverage, but a deconstruction of an iced mint tea with honey and lemon. Dahlgren strives to use local and seasonal ingredients, which resulted in a Sea Buckthorn and Juniper Berry Iced Tea with local honey. The drink was refreshing and delicious and incredibly original. The sea buckthorn component was a dollop of sorbet inside the liquid, and it had the acidity of lemon but the flavor of passion fruit and mango.

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