Mark Bittman leaves New York Times column, "The Minamalist," after 13 years

Famous New York Times columnist Mark Bittman has announced that he will be ceasing his column, "The Minimalist," Yahoo! News reports. For 13 years, Mr. Bittman, a self-taught cook, has inspired readers with his recipes and food anecdotes. As of February 6th he will be shifting to the Opinion section of the paper. His focus, nonetheless, will remain on food and eating well. Mr. Bittman will discuss food policy and its worldwide impact, dietary and health concerns, and environmental sustainability. He will also begin a new column in the New York Times Magazine, "On Food." Additionally, Mr. Bittman fans can also get their fill outside of the Times on a new TV show he is premiering, not surprisingly titled "The Minimalist," as well as through his several cookbooks.

As Mr. Bittman is famous for his recipes, it is exciting that he is going to directly connect them to the ethics of eating. While food issues are regularly in the news, it's not as common to connect the stories with consumer responsibility.

I'm excited to keep reading whatever Mr. Bittman writes, no matter the arena!

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