Marcy Swingle: Red Rooster

Even though Red Rooster has been open for a few weeks now, reviews are still pouring in.  Especially in the age of the internet, so many restaurant reviewers publish their pieces online.  Marcy Swingle, founder and writer of, reviewed Red Rooster last week.  Her piece combines local knowledge, food appreciation and photos. Red Rooster is "a great addition to the entire New York dining scene," she says.  "Despite the care that was put into the decor, it doesn't feel stuffy."

Swingle reacted well to the blend between my Swedish roots and my love for Southern cuisine.  Especially when it came to the corn bread: "He doesn't dumb things down when he goes casual. Rather than playing to the bastardized conception of cornbread as a sweet muffin-like bread, the way it's often made in New York, he keeps the unsweetened integrity of the southern original and breaks the sweet apart into sides of honey butter and tomato jam: altogether more interesting that most diners would even require, but definitely appreciated."

I'm happy to know that in Swingle's opinion, "even if Red Rooster's food sounds challenging on the menu, it goes down very easily."

Thank you to Marcy for her well-written appraisal of Red Rooster.  Read her entire review here.