Marcus' Pop Food: Wine on Tap

I'm loving wine on tap right now! Some people might call it a passing trend but I think the concept is here to stay. The landscape of food and wine is changing every single day and it's opening itself up to more people. For the longest time, you could only get good wine at a restaurant by ordering an entire bottle, and the price tag and selection process made the whole thing intimidating. And if you really wanted just a glass, you'd often be stuck with a not so good house wine.

It excites me to see more wine-by-the-glass options on menus, not just at more casual spots but also in fine dining settings. It allows me to pick my price point. I think there are really great wines at both ends of the cost spectrum.

Wine on tap takes the pretension out of wine drinking, and adds fun in its place. It makes wine, which people have been drinking for thousands of years, new again.

Starting my career via the traditional French route, it's been amazing to watch the evolution.

One of the cool things is knowing that having kegs of wine at restaurants will reduce the amount of waste it puts out by not going through tons of bottles. Every day, a restaurant goes through so much trash and this is a great way to scale back a bit.

There are some awesome places serving wine on tap. In NYC, you can have a draft wine at DBGB by Daniel Boulud, one of my favorite chefs. When I'm in LA, I really like Father's Office.

I look forward to hosting my next barbecue with a keg pouring a delicious chenin blanc rather than beer.