The sandwich. It's one of those foods that you can't help but love and definitely can't resist when placed in front of your face.

The sandwich is many things: flavorful and filling, stuffed with meat or veggies, and wedged in between fresh bread or some other delicious starch. But for me, there's much more to a sandwich than just yummy goodness.

I think it's the simplest yet best representation of a location, a personification of it's spirit.

If you want to taste a city, savor it's culture and feel the pulse of the people, you be sure to check out one of the down home spots and order the specialty sandwich.

That's the route I take whenever I visit somewhere new and want to learn about my surroundings.

Going to Reading Market and picking up a Philly Cheese Steak or visiting my favorite NOLA chef Leah Chase, and devouring her famous po'boy - that's how I immerse myself into the local food scene.

I love how a sandwich tells a story about a place. In Maine or eastern Long Island, a buttery lobster roll speaks to the abundance of the shellfish in the waters offshore.

Grand Central Market's tacos - yeah, it's a stretch - share LA's diverse history and rich Latin and Central American roots.

For me, it's also a humble tale, an American one. The sandwich has its beginnings in Europe but we in the US have shaped it and made it our own.

Through a sandwich, there's a sense of community and an experience of the people.

And the best part? It's affordable too. Rediscover America through the sandwich.