MARCUS POP FOOD: Seville Lounge - A Taste of Old Harlem

Living and working in Harlem, it can be easy to take the legendary spots for granted, places I walk past every day on my way to Rooster and hang out with my buddies, but there are great places to explore. If you are heading up to Harlem to eat at Red Rooster, then you've got to check out Seville Lounge afterwards, a great neighborhood joint.

Named for the old Caddy, Seville is an awesome old school bar with a great sense of history.

Sitting on the northeast corner of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 126th, Seville is a really fun place to spend a night hanging out. It's simplicity reminds me a lot of Africa, like Ethiopia's tej bets where men sit to drink honey wine and share local gossip, and the entire place has got a real sense of old Harlem. Decorated with colorful lights all year round, the walls have pictures of regulars and some famous people, too.

Guys are dressed in dapper Stacy Adams shoes, and the entire place buzzes with ladies enjoying blue and green drinks, fun jazz or blues playing on the stereo, and everyone having a great time.

When I think about Old Harlem, this is it.