MARCUS POP FOOD: Opening Up Red Rooster

We're finally opening Red Rooster's doors for dinner tomorrow, and it's been an incredible week leading up to this very important, very special day.

It's taken so long to get to this point - from finding the perfect space right on Harlem's grand boulevard Lenox Avenue, to getting it setup in a way that expressed the restaurant's philosophy in just the right way, acquiring the proper permits, and getting together our team.

We hosted Friends & Family dinners through much of this week, a sort of dress rehearsal for the team, myself included.

It was brutal, and there was a fair share of mistakes. But, of course, the whole goal of this process was to learn. Trial and error.

I'm so thankful for the feedback from the people we trust the most, especially the negative. Through constructive criticism, we've able to learn how to be better in our service, tweak the food to perfection and create a fun, vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

In the midst of all of this, we had the absolute honor of hosting one of the coolest nights of my life - the post-performance party for Sir Paul McCartney 's show at the Apollo.

I've never seen so many living legends in one room. It was an incredible experience and a memory of a lifetime.

Over the course of the last year, and especially over these last few weeks, there have been some super late nights followed by very early mornings.

It's been that way not just for me, but all of those closely involved in the opening and running of Red Rooster.

I'm so thankful to those people, for believing in Red Rooster as much as I do, and working hard to bring it to life.

I can't express how excited I am to have you join me in Harlem. We're officially open for walk-ins at 5:30pm tomorrow, Friday, December 17th - a date I'll always remember. We'll be opening for breakfast, lunch and brunch in the coming months.

Red Rooster, 310 Lenox Avenue (between 125th & 126th Streets), (212) 792-9001,

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