MARCUS POP FOOD: Live from Davos!

It's Day 2 for me in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum.

I'm super jet-lagged but the excitement of my surroundings and meeting the many interesting folks I've met so far, it's making it a lot easier for me.

I was honored when I learned that I was being invited to the Annual Meeting as one of their "Cultural Leaders".

It's my first time at the Forum as an invited guest but I was actually here almost 20 years ago, prepping one of the many dinners that take place during this week.

It's insane to see how things have come full circle.

The discussions I have and will be participating in focus on an array of topics from health to culture to creativity in today's world and workplace. And food, of course!

I smuggled some goodies in my bag for the attendees of my solo session this morning - Spiced Nuts and Whiskey Fudge from Red Rooster.

Talking about food and not having anything there for them to taste simply didn't seem right.

The mood is somewhat intense at times, especially after this morning's minor explosion, but it hasn't hindered how powerful of an experience this is for me. I'm really looking forward to the rest of my trip.

I have to be honest - with Rooster so new, staying present and in the moment can be a bit tough. I keep thinking about how everyone is holding up at the restaurant but I know they're doing just fine.