MARCUS POP FOOD: I love Texas!

This month, I was lucky to spend back-to-back weekends in Texas - Dallas followed by Houston. I LOVE Texas...the food scene there is so undercover and exciting. Thinking of food in Texas, our minds wander to ribs, chili and tacos. Yes, there's tons of that and it's all so, so good! It's nothing less than I expected. But as with everything in food these days, the Lone Star State is evolving.

Take for instance, my birthday dinner where my wife and I shared plates of rattlesnake & rabbit sausage and elk loin at Tim Love's place Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth. I'm fascinated by what Tim's doing there, serving wild game fare in a fine dining atmosphere. So unexpected and with no details left behind.

It reminds me so much of Sweden, but with a Texan feel.

In Houston, I dirtied my hands with some down home barbecue at Goode Co. with my boy and former executive chef at C-House, Seth Siegel-Gardener.

After living/working in Chicago for some time then moving to London for a year, Seth is back home in Texas, writing/filming for his blog "Knife + Pen" and working on the Just8 project, putting together menus inspired by his travels, bringing world-class cuisine to his hood.

This type of underground supper club culture is what you'd expect to find in Paris, but with the help of young, curious chefs, it's blooming up in Houston. Again, unexpected and fun.

I can't wait for my next trip, my next opportunity to explore this ever-changing food landscape.