MARCUS' POP FOOD: Holidays & Snowstorms at Red Rooster Harlem

Holidays & Snowstorms at Red Rooster Harlem

Despite the holidays and the crazy weather that hit NYC this weekend, it was work as usual for me and my staff. Even our guests faced the cold temps and white-washed streets to pack the restaurant for our festive Christmas brunch, lunch and dinner - our longest and most fun day yet.

We were joined by a great mix of folks from Harlem, downtowners who braved the unreliable subways and, much to my excitement, a few of the original Red Rooster patrons who shared their stories. I learned about some of the specialties that made the place so popular like "Chitlin & Champagne Wednesdays". Maybe we'll come up with our own version of that.

The bar has been especially crowded, which is all I could've hoped for. People are weighing in on their favorite house cocktails, from our house-infused bourbon based Brownstoner to the glogg we've been giving out to help warm up the guests.

One of the highest commitments I've seen yet is from our devoted staff. Many of our hostesses, servers and cooks haven't worked at a restaurant as ambitious as this and yet they're learning so quickly. It's the responsibility of Andrea and I to help shape and train them, and I'm proud to see their growth everyday.

I can't wait to see who joins us tomorrow night for our New Year's Eve dinner and party. We just launched "Red Rooster TV", where you can hear from executive chef Andrea Bergquist, our staff and get a sneak peek of the day-to-day vibe at Red Rooster.