Marcus and Red Rooster At The New York Wine and Food Festival

Want to know where you can find Marcus and Red Rooster at this year's New York Wine and Food Festival? Here's a list of where we'll be during the Fest.  There are some events still open to ticket sales, so if you're interested in all-things-food, get your tickets soon!

A Three Course Red Rooster Dinner

Here at the Rooster we'll be featuring a 3 course meal in celebration of local farmers and culinary artisans.  We will be joined by Chef Andrea Reusing and Chef Hedy Goldsmith.  Andrea is known for his Farm-to-Table efforts at the award-winning Lantern in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, while Hedy's desserts are gaining national recognition from her restaurant, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in Miami Florida.  Together with Andrea and Hedy, the Rooster will wow its guests with fresh ingredients and culinary innovation.

Thursday, September 29th-7 pm to 10 pm


With Elizabeth Karmel hosting along with Bobby Deen and Katy Mixon as special guests, a star-studded list of chefs are pushed to be creative with spices, rubs, and side dishes to celebrate the history and future of fried chicken.  Red Rooster chef, Michael Garrett will be working his magic on this Red Rooster speciality.

Friday, September 30th-9 pm to 12 am

Panel Discussion:  What is the Ultimate Restaurant Experience?

Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief Dana Cowin will host some of the most insightful chefs on the planet to find out what elements make up the ultimate restaurant experience.  Panelists will pick their favorite restaurants and meals.  They will also discuss top trends and maybe even share a few secrets about their plans for their restaurants.  The discussion will clarify the goals and intent of the modern restaurant while giving the audience an idea of what some of the world's best chefs are doing in their own.

Saturday, October 1st-11 am to 12 pm

Photo: Cyndi Amaya