Make Yourself a Ritzy Oscars Menu

By Editors

1,500 guests will convene at the Governors Ball this year to celebrate the Academy Awards.  In his 17th consecutive year as caterer, Wolfgang Puck and his team will prepare thousands of servings of lobster, sole, and sushi. To drink, 1,200 bottles of Moet & Chandon will be popped open in celebration of another year of movie magic. Inspired by 1930s and '40s Hollywood nightlife, the ball will feature over 10,000 flowers.

While celebs feast on Wolfgang Puck's refined food, make yourself a ritzy Oscar menu based off of Puck's menu for this year's Governors Ball.

Start with open-faced grilled sandwiches. Inspired by Puck's iconic smoked salmon canapes, make open-faced lox sandwiches get your Oscar dinner off to a celebratory start.

This year, Puck and chef Matt Bencivenga will focus on Latin flavors. For my dinner, however, I'm going to look more generally at the Mediterranean and make white wine braised clams. Sopping up that delicious seafood broth satisfies even the hungriest movie fans.

Every year, Sherry Yard prepares gold colored chocolate Oscar statues. For a decadent ending to your meal, make a chocolate-whiskey cake works unless you have an Oscar-shaped mold lying around your kitchen.

Most movie-lovers won't be at the Governor's Ball next weekend, but sometimes enjoying home-cooked food and the show on TV can be even more fun.