Make Vegetarian Recipes for Memorial Day

Vegetarian Column

With Memorial Day coming up next Monday, you might be making plans for a fun BBQ, but if you're vegetarian, what can you serve instead of hot dogs and hamburgers? Actually, there are a lot of great summer-friendly vegetarian dishes that you can serve to your friends and family, all without sacrificing flavor. Even if you don't usually eat vegetarian, it might be a great day to eat meat-free in honor of Meatless Monday.

* Comfort Food Menu: Many American comfort food classics are actually vegetarian. Serve your favorite mac-and-cheese recipe with a delicious Caesar salad for a filling, meat-free meal.

* Crowd-Pleasing Menu: Or, for a crowd-pleasing favorite, serve a delicious vegetarian chili. Paired with Red Rooster's cornbread recipe, you're sure to please everyone.

* Grilling Menu: If you have a grill, try some delicious vegetarian grilling recipes. Try combining your favorite vegetables on bamboo skewers for a delicious appetizer, and pair with Portobello Mushroom burgers for a low-calorie burger alternative.

* Desserts: For dessert, serve a grilled peach salad or fruit salad for something healthy. Or, try a rhubarb crumble for a seasonal treat.

What are you planning to make for Memorial Day?