Let Them Eat Chocolate!

Chocolate is one of those universal addictions, a product so consistent and so yummy that it may as well be its own food group. What begins as a cacao bean evolves into a warm, comforting and rich liquid that can be eaten in hundreds of different ways.

Here at the Rooster, one of our signature and favorite dessert items has to be the homemade Whiskey Fudge. Bite-size, decadent and infused with whiskey, these chocolate poppers are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of raging chocoholics everywhere. Made with minimal ingredients, the fudge is simple in theory but complex in flavor. We add a few drops of Southern whiskey, bourbon, a few touches of sea salt and toasted Macadamia nuts and suddenly, that fudge you loved so much as a kid is given a grown up taste.

The biggest problem with our whiskey fudge is you honestly can't eat just one--if you can, hats off to you. But there's good news out there reporting that now increasing your frequency of eating dark chocolate can actually be good for your health. A recent study from the University of California at San Diego revealed findings that now suggest people who eat dark chocolate more frequently tend to be thinner than those who consume the confections less often.

The health benefits of eating dark chocolate have proven positive, especially because of the higher antioxidants and the smaller amounts of sugar content in dark chocolate rather than its yummy counterpart, milk chocolate. This particular study revealed the health benefits of eating chocolate may be linked to how many times in a given week chocolate is consumed, rather than the total amount consumed in a given week.

Participants who ate a small amount of chocolate in the five days they were studied had lower BMI's (body mass index) in comparison with those who didn't have any chocolate. Though the difference in BMI's between the two was modest, the study proved interesting particularly in terms of testing this theory further in the future.

So whether it be a few bites of a dark chocolate bar or a piece (or two) of our whiskey fudge, don't shy away from the chocolate. When eaten in moderation and alongside a balanced and healthy diet, chocolate, the fabulous product of those tiny little cacao beans may be impacting your health in more ways than you know. Now we don't have to feel as guilty about eating just one more piece of Rooster's Whiskey Fudge.

Photo: Allana Mortell

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