Lenox Coffee Opens On 129th Street

Listen up Harlem! A new specialty coffee shop, Lenox Coffee, just opened up this week! Located at 60 West 129th Street, is a new small coffeehouse that also offers breakfast items like pastries, bagels, and baked goods.

Opened by Aaron Baird and Jeff Green, who were college roommates at the New England Conservatory in Boston, found themselves back in New York, both living for some time in Harlem. Both shared a love for coffee and wanted to open a coffeehouse for a while, so when the opportunity presented itself in form of a space on Lenox Avenue, they didn't hesitate.

The shop itself has a rustic, old world charm-very comfortable with dark woods, redbrick walls, tin ceilings, decorative column, and school house lights. It's perfect for spending an afternoon on your laptop or just reading a book while lounging on their leather chesterfield couch, while you enjoy one of their specialty chai lattes.

Owners Aaron and Jeff plan to soon host community events, like poetry readings and open mic nights, so stay tuned for that.  Lenox Coffee is open seven days a week, 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

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