Legendary Restaurant El Bulli is closing this year

By MarcusSamuelsson.com Editors

Ferran Adria's legendary restaurant El Bulli is closing this year.  For those who never got a chance to visit, there are two new options in the works.  This spring Adria will open a tapas bar and a separate cocktail bar in Barcelona. Called "Tickets" and "41 Degrees" respectively, these spots will be more relaxed, offering tapas for only five to six euros ($6.7 - $8). Tickets and 41 Degrees will offer Adria's fans a chance to try his innovative, experimental cuisine while El Bulli transitions into the El Bulli Foundation.

When the El Bulli Foundation opens in 2014, it will serve as a "think tank of gastronomic creativity." An unconventional, green building will house the Foundation. Although Adria announced that El Bulli will reopen as some kind of restaurant in 2014, too, he remains unsure of how it will operate.

Adria explains that he closed El Bulli because he wanted more balance in his life. But even when El Bulli shuts its doors, Adria will continue to exert a powerful influence over the food world. I'm excited to see what new ideas his Foundation comes up with in the years to come! Read more about Adria's future plans here and here.