Leftovers: How to Save Your Summer Produce

Summer is here which means you'll be stocking up on yummy summer produce like strawberries and zucchini. You can venture out and pick up local and organic goods from your local farmer's market. 

Whether you're shopping for an overhaul of food or just for some quick and easy snacks to munch on, the farmer's market is a great place to load up on summer produce. It's also an added incentive to get active and be outdoors more, which is a perfect way to stay fit for summer.

Or, maybe you participate in your own CSA and get great produce that way. Either way, your fridge will be overflowing with produce in no time.

Don't run the risk of letting them go bad so preempt yourself with these fast and easy ways to save your summer produce:

* If you're not going to eat that box of strawberries within a day or two, you should freeze them. Your fruits and berries are best when you either slice them or freeze them partially on a tray before storing them in freezer bags to use later. You can also use your freezer for other ways to save your produce by using your ice trays for mini-popsicles or to save your vegetable stock!

* Another great way to save your produce is to put them all together in a soup or stew for a quick weeknight meal. Making a casserole or a yummy asparagus lasagna would also keep well in your fridge for healthy leftovers.

* Making jam from rhubarb or cherries will make sure that you keep them for longer. Rhubarb compote is another great way to save your rhubarb as well as use it as a topping on your summer desserts or even on your leftover bread!

Photo Credit: Lindsay Hunt