Leftover Food App for your phone: The Next Frontier in Food Apps

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers Column By Marcus Samuelsson

A great blog I've just discovered called Food and Tech has a post about apps and the tonight's event Eats and Apps. Already there are so many apps devoted to food, including but not limited to "Gourmet Live, Food Network's In The Kitchen, Snooth, Dinevore, and Gojee." (Food and Tech)

But what about for food that you have already bought or made and you need to make sure doesn't go to waste.  Social Media Week has got me thinking about how apps on your phone could help you manage leftovers.  What if you had an app where you could store and manage photos of your leftovers and produce?  It would contain an alarm when your food was about to go bad, and could suggest recipes for your leftover food.

I think there's a great way to use the developing app technology to help reduce kitchen waste.  What are your ideas?