Learn How To Brew Sun Tea

Spring is here! It's time to celebrate with Sun Tea, a delicious, hands-off beverage that brews while you're at work. Sun Tea can be made with any kind of tea, and steeps in the sun while you have time to do chores, make dinner, or even spend the day at the office. Try mixing an herbal tea with hibiscus leaves and dried orange peel with some fresh mint for a refreshing evening beverage. Or, steep caffienated black tea for an afternoon pick me up. Sun tea is very forgiving, so experiment to find your signature blend.

How to make sun tea: 1. Fill a gallon sized pitcher with cold water. 2. Add tea bags and drape over water. Tie the strings to a wooden spoon and let dangle. Add herbals such as rosemary or fresh mint for flavor. 3. Set on a sunny windowsill, or set outside in the sun. Cover with cheesecloth or a lid to keep bugs from entering your tea. 4. Remove tea bags when the tea has reached desired strength and flavor. 5. Pour over ice and enjoy!