Last Night's Great Food Republic Event

We had a great event for last night featuring barbecue and food from Red Rooster and a panel moderated by MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan.  I'm really excited about getting the word out about what we're doing over at Food Republic, through intelligent discussion, and of course, food!

The topic was "How Far off is the $50 Pizza," but the conversation ranged from the issues with corn and food prices to men cooking in the kitchen.

My fellow panelists included Eric Demby, co-founder of Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, Eddie Chai, owner of Odin boutiques in NYC, and visual artist Sanford Biggers.

Each panelist had something really insightful to say about the state of food right now, and brought an interesting perspective to the conversation.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event to participate in the conversation about Food Republic.  Join and me in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #FRchat.  I encourage you to share your thoughts about the future of food and check out more pictures from last night below!