Kwanzaa Celebrations at The Studio Museum

Want to participate in some community activities for Kwanzaa this year? Harlem's Studio Museum is hosting a Kwanzaa day on December 29th, in the spirit of the 6th principle of Kwanzaa, Kuumba, which stands for creativity. On Thursday, the 29th the Studio Museum will be hosting a series of fun and creative activities including scavenger hunts in the Museum galleries, button making, and collage workshops.  The Studio Museum will also offer various giveaways! All of these activities will surely help your creative juices flow to fully emerge in the celebration of Kwanzaa. The Kwanzaa celebration begins at the Studio Museum from 1:00pm-3:00pm. 

Another custom that touches back to African roots, is the tradition of quilting. Going back through generations among African families and African American families (especially during the times of slavery), quilts have had a significant role in representing families, communities, and often times routes towards freedom. Because of this strong connection to African descent, the Studio Museum is also hosting this day in honor of Kwanzaa, a community quilting workshop. Join the quilt and fiber artist Ife Felix in conversation with Faith Ringgold as they explore the history and significance of quilting as a collaborative activity. The quilting workshop will take place after the Kwanzaa celebration on Thursday, December 29th from 4:00pm-6:00pm. 

This first quilting workshop precedes a series of quilting workshops lead by artist Ife Felix during which the whole community can contribute to the quilt being built. If you're interested in participating in the community quilt, here's what to do:

- Select a 5x7" fabric swatch that represents you, your family, or your community - Enclose the swatch in a Ziploc bag with an index card listing the following information:

  • Your name
  • A phone number and/or email address at which you can be reached
  • One or two sentences about the fabric swatch you chose, and how it represents your community

You can deliver your fabric submission in person to the Studio Museum's lobby desk Sunday-Wednesday, 10am-6pm, or Thursday-Friday 10am-9pm.

You may also mail your fabric submission to:

The Studio Museum in Harlem c/o Education Department 144 W125th Street New York, New York 10027

The Studio Museum will be accepting submissions for until this Friday, December 23rd, 2011, so be sure to drop off or mail your fabric swatch as soon as you can. This is a great way to not only celebrate Kwanzaa but to also become a part of a community creative effort, which in itself is what Kwanzaa is all about!

For more information about The Studio Museum, visit their website here. 

Photo: The Confluence

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