Kitchen Math

Adjust Recipes for the Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season has begun, it's important to remember that when adapting recipes for a large crowd, considering the math of the kitchen can make the difference from good to great.  There's no reason to stress too much when adapting for your holiday guests, but an article from the Wall Street Journal suggests some tips for those who are entertaining for a group.

For example, the difference between a 10-inch skillet and a 12-inch skillet is a 44% difference in surface area.  This can make the difference between sauteing and steaming a batch of meat.  Similarly, the difference between table salt and kosher salt is often overlooked.  One teaspoon of table salt is the same as two teaspoons of Diamond Crystal kosher salt.  For a superbly-salted meal, check which kind of salt the recipe specifies.

It's most important to remember that the holidays are about celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends.  Enjoy yourself, and don't worry, the food will be delicious.

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