Kitchen Design

The Essentials In "Happy Kitchens"

Kitchens are places to enjoy the food you prepare, and I am interested to read about how the space affects how you feel.  I love that increased attention is being paid to preparing food and the space in which we cook and eat. 

The kitchen is so much more than a place to cook food.  It is a place to spend time with family, to gather together, and it can represent the heart and soul, (and stomach) of the home.  This is evident in British designer Johnny Grey's design philosophy, which "focuses on bringing emotional, physical and psychological well-being into kitchen planning."

Grey will eat dinner with his clients, and try to understand what makes them "tick" in order to design the perfect kitchen.  Though this is not a service available to most, his approach to kitchen design gets at something important, says San Diego-based neuroscientist John Ziesel.  He says, "Our surroundings inevitably impact our well-being, and the kitchen, where most of us spend most of our time, should induce those primitive feelings of sociability and comfort."

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