Kids Get A Taste of Space Food

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

When you think of space you most likely think of interesting concoctions that are able to withstand the conditions of high altitude and zero gravity, you don't really think of what NASA is going to do with all that leftover space food. With the termination of the Space Shuttle Program back in July, NASA had to find a new, innovative way to dispose of the many dishes set to take flight in space. Thus came the realization that the public should be able to experience the food that was sent up to space.

NASA set out to figure out what to do with all this excess food, and find a way to educate others on the technological food produced for the many astronauts to touch down on the moon. They thought near and far to figure out what to do with the food, and when the light bulb went off in their minds, NASA had the best solution yet.

The solution was ever so simple. NASA decided what better way to learn about space then to provide schools with an educational awareness program on the interesting takes on the food found way up above. With these dishes being available to the public, schools went all out by ordering as much of the space products they could. The tiles and foodstuffs were given to schools for free, except for the cost of shipping. With a small fee to pay in the grand scheme of things nothing is compared to the experience the students will have while 'dissecting' space food. In "Space Food in Schools: NASA Offers Shuttle Meals, Tiles to Teachers for Free", there is a plethora of technologically inspired dishes available to astronauts and now available to students. Dishes include "soups like chicken consomme and cream of mushroom, casseroles like macaroni and cheese and chicken and rice, appetizers like shrimp cocktail, and breakfast foods like scrambled eggs and cereals."

Step aside chefs who want to become astronauts, there's a new school in town and that school is all about finding the perfect way to create food to technologically benefit all.

What favorite dish would you like to eat some day in space?

Photo: nika2