Keeping Up To Date With The Global Food Prices

It was an honor to visit the Dylan Ratigan Show last Thursday to discuss the food price situation.  The issues are pervasive, and affect many around the globe. As global food prices continue to rise, the United Nations has taken an important step to avoid increasing even more. UN representatives in Bangkok agreed not to impose restrictions that might raise food prices beyond their current levels.

The UN has learned from past mistakes. Export bans and stockpiling food exacerbated previous food price crises, and now the UN has rejected those restrictive measures for the current situation. Instead, the UN plans on encouraging countries to adopt "safety nets" for those vulnerable to food price increases. These "safety nets" help to ensure that poor families can still access the food they need to survive.

In Bangladesh, China, and India, the price of rice has spiked. Fortunately, the regions major rice producers, Thailand and Vietnam, enjoyed solid harvest this year. Therefore, prices seem likely to remain steady.

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