Kashmiri Naan

Weekly Dish Recommendation: Kashmiri Naan at Taj Tribeca (New York City)

I am a huge fan of Indian cuisine.  I delight in their flavorful and inventive street food, and love to see the myriad interpretations of Indian food in New York, whether it's haute Indian cuisine at Tabla, or a small cafe in the East Village, I always enjoy my meal.

One of my favorite parts of the meal is the naan - a traditional, pita-like bread, which is baked in a clay tandoor oven.  Naan is has a doughy texture that is interspersed with dark blisters of hot air, rendering parts of the bread crispy.

Many restaurants offer fillings for this staple such as cauliflower, lamb, chicken and cheese.  Taj Tribeca offers an addition to these savory-filled naans: Kashmiri Naan.  This restaurant's take on the standard fruity recipe incorporates almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, coconut, dried apricots, and cherries.

The result is a tart and nutty pastry that is more reminiscent of the traditional Jewish pastry rugelach than a hearty bread.  It's delightful, and would be a great start or end to any meal.