Jerky Made From The Best Stuff Out There

In late February, King's County Jerky opened the doors of their warehouse Brooklyn kitchen to eager jerky-fans to get a taste of their products, new on the market. Their open house was sponsored by complimentary beers from Brooklyn Brewery, all of which went perfectly with their four beef jerky flavors: Classic, Korean BBQ, and Orange Ginger. The awesomeness doesn't stop there, though: they had an extremely unique and incredible vegetarian Portobello jerky that had a peppery flavor to die for.

The great news about this company is that they want to provide you with jerky made from the best stuff out there - grass-fed beef and all natural ingredients. During a tour of their facilities, Chris Woehrle, co-owner with Robert Stout, told me about their futile search for a decent Worcestershire Sauce without high-fructose corn syrup. Instead of compromising their product,  Chris and Robert make their own Worcestershire-inspired marinade!

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