Japan's Food Supplies

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, food supplies have been short. Families in the traditional whaling town of Ayukawahama rely on paltry government rations, and as the long winter continues in Northern Japan, enough nourishment is scarce. For those whose homes were destroyed, well-stocked evacuation centers provide relief. However, for those still in their houses, food is insufficient. One family still has their home, but no food. After living off the food in their kitchen, Seiko Taira's family had to turn to the town for help. A normal supply includes "one piece of bread each, a few cans of tuna and one cup of instant noodles."

Vegetables are scarce, and until winter ends, the Taira family and others will not be able to forage for wild vegetables.

My grandparents grew up on rations, so when I see the word "ration", it's a very strong word for me. Japan is a strong nation, and the New York Times article states that "resolve is plentiful," but when times are difficult like this, everyone is deeply affected.

My thoughts are with Japan in this unbelievably tough time. I hope for the best as they are making it through the worst.