Is Slow Food For You?

Interested in studying slow food? There's a university just for you called the University of Gastronomic Sciences.The nonprofit Slow Food organization founded the university in 2004. Located in Bra, a city in northern Italy, the University of Gastronomic Sciences offers undergraduate and masters degrees for students passionate about food.

Not surprisingly, the university's mission is to further the Slow Food movement's core principles. From renewing farming traditions to preserving historically significant food products, the university focuses on training a new generation of concerned food consumers. Offering courses like ethnobotany, travel and food photography, and the history of agriculture, the university offers students a truly unique educational experience.

This special university, however, is concerned with producing a particular kind of student: "the gastronome." The gastronome is an expert in high quality food and a food ambassador to the world. "Educators and innovators, editors and multimedia broadcasters, marketers of fine products, and managers of consortia, business, and tourism companies"-gastronomes apply what they learned at the university to transform the food world.

To learn more about the University of Gastronomic Sciences, click here. If you just have an Italian food craving, check out this delicious lasagna recipe.

Sources: University of Gastronomic Sciences