Internship Position with The Marcus Samuelsson Group

I'm seeking interns for The Marcus Samuelsson Group, which is a New York City-based, hospitality management and food media company. From high-end restaurants to fast-casual cafes, we are committed to providing an exceptional and distinct culinary experience. We offer a variety of tailor-made special events representing food, products and educational cooking classes. Our commitment to excellence, community and diversity is core to our beliefs and offerings. We strive to honor the many farmers, ranchers, fishermen, growers, producers and artisans who make up the global food and beverage marketplace.

I'm are seeking interns that want to get great exposure through our online presence. Among other things, the intern, working closely with online editors, will help manage the website. Tasks will range from editing blog submissions, to corresponding with blog contributors, to helping expand our online network of contributors, to working intensely with WordPress.

Requirements: First and foremost, the intern most love food and be familiar with the website In terms of technical skills, proficiency in WordPress, Photoshop, and major social media platforms will prove helpful.

To Apply

Please send an email to expressing interest and listing pertinent qualifications (and if you have, past experience). After collecting submissions, we will contact a few applicants and set up interviews.