Ingredient Focus: Nasturtium

If you've started to get palate-fatigue with your salads, then it might be time to spice up your repetoire! Try adding a handful of nasturtium flowers to your spring salad. These flowers have a vegetal flavor with grassy, peppery undertones. They're in season right now and you can even pick up a plant at your local farmers' market! Pair nasturtiums with other seasonal plants like these top 5 spring and summer greens.

Easy to care for, nasturtiums are happy with sun, water, and room to grow. Both the leaves and flowers are edible, and they give a vibrant, watercress-like addition to dishes such as salads, pilafs, pastas, and more.

For bakers, nasturtium flowers would look gorgeous atop a cake. Try garnishing a Whole-Wheat Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cake or a Chocolate Birthday Cake with a few petals. They're an inexpensive and delicious way to bring natural color to your table.

Photo: Lindsay Hunt