In Honor of Cesaria Evora would like to honor today one of the world's best voices who passed away this weekend. Last Saturday, the world has suffered a great loss with the death of international singer and icon, Cesaria Évora. Known as "the barefoot diva" for generally performing barefoot in solidarity for the poor women and children in her country of Cape Verde, the singer died on December 17th from poor health in her homeland.

Famous for being the ambassador of the morna (Cape Verdean Blues), a genre of music unique to Cape Verde, Cesaria Évora, charmed the world with her sultry voice and songs of hardship and sadness. She didn't reach fame until later on in life with her first recorded album released at age 50. Although her career started early through performances in Cape Verde bars, the poverty and alcohol constantly surrounding her life discouraged her from continuing and put a 10-year hiatus in her career.

After returning to singing, her 1992 album Miss Perfumado finally brought her international fame and traveled the world singing to packed venues and collaborating with other musical giants. Regrettably, the singer passed away this weekend in her beloved Cape Verde home at the age of 70.

To honor this great singer, we're featuring a few of the songs below that made her famous and her voice unforgettable. May you rest in peace, Cesaria.

Photo: Kmeron

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