Improve Your Organic Farming

Organic farming doesn't necessarily mean low-tech methods. A digitally monitored farm outside of Shanghai, in fact, goes to show quite the opposite. Produce here is grown in high-tech domes that allow for precise control of temperature, humidity, and light to create ideal growing conditions while consumers can observe the process online from home. Soon, the farm hopes to regulate the domes, even fertilization, digitally. Gao Chun Ma met his two business partners while working on a business degree, but the three left their dayjobs to pursue a high-tech organic farm. They lower the price for consumers by selling to their market directly online, cutting out all middlemen costs, though their produce is still about 4 to 5 times more expensive than non-organic in their area.

Despite the price tag, their farm is attracting growing interest, with an annual membership increase from 2,500 to 4,000. For a whole year of organic vegetables, members pay $4,600, or 30,000 Chinese Yuan.

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