If You Like American Comfort Food Classics, You Might Already Eat More Veggie-Based Meals Than You Realize!

Vegetarian Column By Marcus Samuelsson

Despite its presence in the media and US Government Dietary Guidelines, vegetarianism may still sound radical to some. Think about it, though: do you really eat meat in everything?

Probably not! Many all-American favorites have no traces of meat in their pure form, though there are always alternative recipes in which you can add meat. You probably don't even miss the meat when eating these list-toppers.

Starting with breakfast, there are pancakes, pan-fried sweet batter, topped with Maine blueberries and Vermont maple syrup. On the lunch menu, there's macaroni and cheese, with the delicious addition of collard greens like at Red Rooster, and fresh potato salad. Start dinner off with a Caesar salad and follow up with some pizza, with a simple sauce and cheese or a mess of chopped vegetables if you've got the craving. Don't forget dessert: does it get better than apple pie or s'mores?

These dishes are just some examples of how comforting, and comfortable, eating vegetarian, even if for only one meal a week, really can be!