"I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat": An Interview with Actor and Writer Kamal Symonette-Dixon

While the entire country is bound to news and controversy about who should marry or what constitutes a marriage, for actor and writer Kamal Symonette-Dixon, the topic of fidelity in marriage is more on his mind. In his new play, I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat, Kamal bring this topic to the forefront in an intriguing performance that is sure to entertain.

We got the insight to his new play straight from the creator himself. Check out our interview with Kamal Symonette-Dixon and just what he thinks about fidelity, New York City, and lasting marriages.

Tell me about "I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat".

The play "I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat" is about a married couple named Donnell and Shandra Jackson who move to New York City after Donnell gets a job offer on Wall Street.  It's a prestigious job that comes with a lot of perks and a lot of respect.  There's only one problem: the job also comes with a lot of temptation.  The question instantly arises: how on earth will he stay faithful? He loves his wife; he loves his job, and he knows cheating will only ruin the paradise he has worked hard to create.  But Donnell is in a new city with new options, new prospects, and a weakness for seductively clever, gorgeous women.  What's a man to do?

Did anything in particular inspire it?

The desire to make a very universal work that many people could relate to.

In your opinion what can cause someone to cheat, or keep them from cheating?

When lust plus curiosity and/or the sexual hunger for more than one partner become overwhelming, I think the desire to cheat can become extremely appealing.

Is temptation really that much harder in NYC?

It can be.  New York City is known for attracting quite a few charismatic and attractive people.  With the nightlife, culture, and all-around excitement New York offers, the pure sex appeal of temptation can become very alluring in NYC.

With so many failed marriages in our age, do you think there's hope for long lasting unions?

I hope so.  Whether they recognize it or not, a lot of people would have a better quality of life in a long lasting union with someone whom they care about and who cares about them.  Breaking up is easier than building up.  And many people seem to think easier means happier.  Yet, despite the challenges of building a long lasting union- it's often where the substantive happiness lies.  The more people recognize this, the more hope there is for long lasting unions continuing to exist in the ages to come.

They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. What do you think?

I think there might be some truth to that, Haha!

What ultimate meal would always keep you from cheating?

I guess the problem is in my answer...because I'd like to give more than one meal, Ha!

Be sure to watch Kamal's hilarious new play! I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat is playing from February 23-25th 2012 (Thursday- 7:30pm, Friday & Saturday- 8pm) at Symphony Space- 95th Street and Broadway. For more information, click here.

Photos: Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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