Huffington Post: Red Rooster Harlem

So much work goes into opening a restaurant, so it's always great to hear good news.  In this Huffington Post article, food writer Jordana Zizmor writes about her experience on opening night at Red Rooster Harlem. Zizmor said the Red Rooster menu is "one of those menus where it was hard to decide what to order because it all sounded so good."  For the main course, she delved into the mac and cheese with collard greens, while her dining companion enjoyed the fried yard bird, who deemed it "extremely tender" and "one of the best versions around."

I'm also happy to hear that Zizmor loved the sweet potato gratin.  Instead of a "heavy" dish "loaded with milk and cream" she enjoyed the Red Rooster version, which is "made with orange juice so it's much lighter and has a clean citrus flavor."

I really appreciate the positive feedback from Ms. Zizmor, and look forward to seeing her and all of you at the Rooster sometime soon.

Read the full article here.