How to Use Leftover Wine - Part 2

Last week we offered suggestions for what to do with your leftover wine. Cooking with wine in tomato sauce, deglazing a pan after searing meat, and more ideas are useful for cooks with extra ounces in the refrigerator. But wait, there's more! Here are additional ideas for cooking with leftover wine.

Wine can give whole-grains an extra boost of flavor.  Simply use a bit of white wine when making quinoa, brown rice or any other whole-grain to enhance the dish's flavor. Substitute two or three tablespoons of your leftover white wine with an equivalent amount of cooking water to give your grains new culinary depth.  Similarly, you can use wine for a rice recipe like risotto.  After you saute your onions for a few minutes in butter or oil, add a few splashes of white wine and cook until the liquid is reduced before adding the rice.

Make it a meal by using the remaining leftover wine for a protein such as a pan-fried chicken breast. Often, the outside of the chicken breast will crisp before the inside is cooked all the way through, which risks drying out the chicken by the time the inside is cooked. To avoid this, partially steam the chicken by adding some wine to the hot pan and covering it with a lid. The wine will create steam, cooking the chicken and adding even more flavor.

If you can't decide what to do with your wine now but think you might use it in the future, freeze it in an ice-cube tray. When you're ready to cook with it, either thaw a few wine-cubes or just put them in your dish directly, depending on how you plan to use the wine.

How do you use leftover wine?